Version1.3 – 4-feb-2024

  • 64 new presets in Factory B bank. Right-click preset browser to load bank
  • new waveform SQRSAW (mod: square to saw)
  • drag and drop to load FXB/FXP files
  • LFO start phase. Right-click LFO wave

Windows 32/64-bit: XT-S1 v1.3

Version1.2 – 22-okt-2023

  • new osc wave: SAW2 (2 x saw with phase mod, right-click MOD for octave on first saw)
  • rnd to mix
  • vel to mix, noise and detune
  • option to load factory bank and reset bank to initial values. Right-click in preset browser for popup menu
  • osc+main coarse popup menu with octave shortcuts
  • highlight current octave offset on PM osc MOD popup menu. Same with osc wave, lfo wave etc
  • show octave on osc MOD if used
  • minor fixes and improvements

Windows 32/64-bit: XT-S1 v1.2

Version1.1 – 23-sept-2023

  • new PM (FM) wave for oscillators. Right-click MOD for modulator freq
  • filter env amount
  • right-click popup to select OSC waveform, tab index (lfo, fx etc), lfo waveform

Windows 64-bit: XT-S1 v1.1 | Windows 32-bit: XT-S1 v1.1

Version1.0 – 7-aug-2023

Windows 64-bit: XT-S1 v1.0